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Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe

Poverty, Ethnic Mobilization, and the Neoliberal Order

01 novembre 2009, di Nando Sigona e Nidi Thehan, da Palgrave Macmillan


Europe in the last two decades has gone through unprecedented political, social, and economic transformations. The restructuring of post-WWII welfare systems, the disintegration of Yugoslavia through a series of fratricidal wars, the rise of racist and nationalist movements, and the enlargement of NATO and of the EU to include former socialist countries after the end of the Cold War characterize this period. The new geopolitical order has affirmed a neo-liberal economic doctrine throughout Europe. A by-product of this phenomenon has been increasing marginalization of groups which do not 'fit' the new socio-economic regime. Amongst them are millions of Roma, for whom chronic unemployment and social exclusion have become the norm. As a response to their increasing social marginalization, human and minority rights discourses and regimes have emerged, consolidating alongside an embryonic Romani political movement. 

This book sheds light on experiences of political participation of Romani citizens in both Eastern and Western Europe, thus contributing to a deeper understanding of the political space that Roma occupy in states within an enlarged EU. The contributors are leading activists, politicians, and scholars involved in critical debates and policy making vis-à-vis Romani citizens. The book analyzes key political experiences and debates salient for the European Union, as well as implications for other ethnic minorities in Europe. It also offers new perspectives on core issues and paradoxes surrounding Romani political participation and mobilisation at the EU, national, and local levels, including case studies from both Eastern and Western Europe. 

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